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Elevate your Song or Riddim from amongst the many with a description that entices listeners, and makes your release one to pay special attention to.
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Artist & Company Bios

Make that all important first impression, unforgettable. Connect with your audience. Establish and Reinforce your Brand. Ensure it stands the test of time.
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Event Press Releases

Market your Event using a description crafted to capture the world’s imagination. Showcase the featured artists, DJs, Special Guests with this one-of-a-kind piece.
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Copy Editing & Proof Reading

Literary impressions last forever. Let your work shine without the distraction of errors. Eliminate mistakes and have your text fine-tuned, so that your voice is heard!


5 is THE magic number. Want to see why?

Try this.

Count to 5 now.


In today’s world those 5 seconds are the length of a blink and a finger swipe. That is the exact amount of time you have to grab your audience’s attention.

Now swing those eyes to the right (or scroll down on your phone). See those sentences? I wrote them for my clients. In less than 5 seconds they intrigued and captured the interest of thousands of readers, boosting my clients and their projects onto everyone’s digital radar. 

My name is Mystie Thongs, and this is what I do. If you are reading this, in less than 5 seconds my words enchanted you. That tells me you are ready to have me work with you, for you.

"His free-styling ability is legend. When a mic is placed into his hand he can singlehandedly change the atmosphere, launching patrons to higher heights of musical rapture simply with his lyrics."

"Like sand skimming through our fingertips, this feting season is slipping past us more quickly than can almost be believed. All too soon the most euphoric week of any year will be here. "

"Cover yourselves in Mas, feathers, and your own divinity, freely united in peace and kinship to become the shimmering Great Parade."



Mystie can sell sand in a desert with her write ups!

Kayode O’Marde 

Artist Manager. Antigua


I’ve had many opportunities to work with Mystie Thongs, and can safely say her interactions are professional yet engaging and delightful. Her work speaks for itself, articulate and intelligent while captivating and to the point. When given the opportunity with her, I don’t need to second think if to work with her or not, it’s hands down a done decision.

Lee Anthony Aleong
Creative Consultant/Designer/Owner 

Lee Designs Ltd.


“Mystie’s work ethic and unique turn of phrase truly make her stand out from others in the business.”

Zack Cohen 


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