Anthony has now made a name for himself in the Pacific Northwest, performing at Umoja Fest, one of the largest festivals in the region, also at Recompress and Reconnect at the Seattle Arboretum, and at the Women on the Rise Gala at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

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We Said...Take It Off! This is not a song for the fainthearted. In fact, it was created for those among us who feverishly embrace our wild side.The fearless ones.Those who…

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Da Mastamind is Back! His name is synonymous with hit Soca songs and beloved Christmas anthems. His, is a career that has touched and flowed through the many diverse and…

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8 Electrifying Artists on 1 Power Song… Absolutely! Never achieved before in Power Soca… Definitely! Another Precision Productions musical experiment done right… Guaranteed!

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A riddim that we dedicate to the creators, lovers, and holders of music’s greatest secrets; the good and the bad, the divine and the profane, the Bittersweet essence of it all, our musical truth.

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There is more to the music we have created than the albeit glorious two days of celebrations and the many body bending fetes we revel in, during the magnificent season of Carnival.

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