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Listen, my addiction could have been cocaine, but instead it is the most benign and beneficial addiction known to humankind.


I love them. (A massive understatement.)

I also firmly believe that anyone who does not like reading, simply has not found the right type of books or the form of reading that clicks for them. Maybe it is hard on your eyes, or you find the books people recommend boring?

These are simply interesting obstacles that can be overcome.

Books too boring? Find another author or genre.

Hurts your eyes? Try reading digitally so you can increase the font size and adjust the lighting. Or… try audiobooks.

Truly I believe that there is a book, genre, author, for everyone. And I wanted to create a space where I could discuss all things BOOKS.

So however you found your way here…*waves* Welcome!

We are really informal around here. I simply ask that you be respectful to everyone.

And also get comfy and ready to read!

Hello, I’m Mystie and let me tell you about these new books I’m reading and the new authors I’ve discovered.

Welcome to D’ Book Nook!

D' Book Nook

The Inheritance Trilogy

The Inheritance Trilogy #1-3.5 N.K. Jemisin Imagine living a normal boring life, where you are an outcast and keeping a low profile, until your mother

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D' Book Nook

The Kiss Quotient

The Kiss Quotient Helen Hoang This book is a solid 3.5. I picked it up because Nalini Singh, my heart writer, recommended it, and she

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really liked it
Found Family, Grumpy Hot Guy, and a Heroine who finds her POWER! This author knows how to pack emotion and action into words that sink into your soul. I really enjoyed this book, and it will definitely keep me coming back for other book...


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