Melly Rose Debuts as the Lone Woman on the 2021 Soca Monarch Stage There will be only ONE female Soca artist competing come Carnival Friday in the Soca Monarch, and…

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We Said...Take It Off! This is not a song for the fainthearted. In fact, it was created for those among us who feverishly embrace our wild side.The fearless ones.Those who…

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Da Mastamind is Back! His name is synonymous with hit Soca songs and beloved Christmas anthems. His, is a career that has touched and flowed through the many diverse and…

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8 Electrifying Artists on 1 Power Song… Absolutely! Never achieved before in Power Soca… Definitely! Another Precision Productions musical experiment done right… Guaranteed!

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Whilst the world values and is focused on expensive material things, Soca’s people have a very different “WISHLIST”.

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Precision Productions is calling culture-lovers to come along, as we reminisce our way into the future with the Skinner Park Riddim.

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With a pulsating primal opening refrain, Akeem “Preedy” Chance is rampaging into the Carnival 2020 season once again.

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A riddim that we dedicate to the creators, lovers, and holders of music’s greatest secrets; the good and the bad, the divine and the profane, the Bittersweet essence of it all, our musical truth.

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Their vocals infused with the artful guitar melody, blend harmonically, helping Precision to finally soothe that unquenchable Tingin' constantly pulling at you, drawing you in.

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Earlier this year the team was fortuitous enough to experience such an instant. It came from hundreds of radiant faces dancing delightedly to Precision’s music in Japan.

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