Realm Breaker

Victoria Aveyard

My emotions are still raw. Less than two hours ago, I closed my kindle on the last page of this book. It was not a cliffhanger ending, but someone needs to tell my brain that!

First off, this is a multiple point of view book. And the author uses it to build the tension and your stress levels. A technique that might annoy some, but one I rather enjoy. It kept me guessing and wondering what was happening, and what could happen next. For me, it is a great way to hold the reader’s attention. 

Now, to the meat of it all.

This is a coming of age story. A young woman, only 17, Corayne, is at that point where she wants to be more than her mother’s bookkeeper. Understandable, particularly when you realise her mother is one of the most feared pirates of the seas. Corayne cuts her teeth on stories of far-away lands and dangerous exploits and is now at an age where she wants in. But her mother shuts her down. A heartbreak, however, it is one that leaves space and time for another path to be followed. That of her never met, don’t know about, gone with the mist father.

This is where things start to get sticky.

Her dad and now her are the last, ahem of an ancient bloodline. A singular bloodline with a significant ability. After a prologue that crushes YOU! The story opens up to a journey that is everything Corayne ever dreamed of, even as it demonstrates why her mother wanted to keep her safe at home.

The author took her time to build not simply a world, but ancient history, old feudal lines, and layers of myths and monsters from long forgotten lands. World building feels like too tiny a term to capture what has been described in intricate detail within these pages.

Character by character, each individual story line is created and then interlaced within the ongoing race against time and a being. One who is determined to… well, you will find out as you read. I’m telling you, this is a luscious hearty book that will greedily snatch hours of your time.

The found family is insane. Their characteristics could not be more different and sincerely you believe if not for the circumstance they might be at each other’s throats. That, though, makes their growth together tug away at your emotions. The author does a tremendous job creating an atmosphere where people put aside their personal traumas and beliefs to focus on the most important goal they have ever had in their lives.

But… it is not just the heroes that captivate you. The villains are the type that make you think, “Well, I can understand why they did what they did.” The author gave every character reasons and purpose to drive them forward and blur the lines of morality. Honestly, you might even find yourself rooting for the supposed bad guys. Actually, the way this was written, there is room for who we think of as bad guys to transform into more. I dunno, but the possibility exists.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Realm Breaker was supposed to be a buddy read along with one of my bookstagram buddies. I tested a page, which became a chapter early, and now, I am done. Oopsie!

Clearly, this was a delectable read for me.

If high-stakes fantasy adventure, swords and magic, found family, villains, you can identify with, and intricate worlds are your things, get this book.

Oh btw, book two is already out, and book three is due in February. It is confirmed as a trilogy. Just so you know!

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