Trial of the Sun Queen

Nisha J. Tuli

I was complaining about another book, and my phone listened and recommended this one. 

AI is totally not taking over. They swear!

Anyway, this book is a solid 3.7 out of 5. It was fun to read. And it could have gone in another direction, as there was deep potential for the heroine to be whiny and very annoying, but instead, she was well written and I was cheering for her almost straight away.

Her name is Lor. She is feisty, imperfect, and always looking for an angle. Skulduggery by any means kind of angle. Even when it puts her in harm’s way. She is also deeply loyal and fervent in her own personal moral code. A characteristic that pops up throughout the story and one I appreciated. 

Lor, however, as all grand stories go, is a young woman with many secrets. Who she is is hinted at, but not completely revealed until the very end. There is enough mystery and hints threaded within the story line, though, to snag your interest and grasp it firmly. None of that laborious dragging out until you are too bored to keep going.

Additionally, the surrounding cast is a mix of loved ones, frenemies, rivals, bad guys, and, wonderfully enough, villains, who might be the best thing to happen in the ‘countries’ where they live, and in this book. They had more flair and vice at times than Lor. And that was a high standard to beat.

To be frank, it is a bit of a murky plot with some dark wanderings, alongside a clear BIG bacchanal that happened in the past. One which will only be unravelled, book by book, in this series. I believe there will be 4 books, and at this point I am surely sticking around to find out what happened. (I fass…. and plenty people lying!)

Overall, the pace was just a smidgen slower than I prefer. Although, there were some healthy dollops of spice, along with snarky dialogue, and characters with deep trauma. A few of my favourite things! (Yes, I sang that!)

But what else can you expect when a sarcastic survivor is placed in jail as a child until she is secretly stolen away to compete for a queendom in a neighboring land? A competition, btw, that can be and has been, dun dun dun, deadly. The drama was tasty, just like the real villain. Or is she/he? Muahaha! Yea, it is that kind of book. You just do not know and probably will not until the end of book 4.

I recommend this one. Particularly if you are looking for an entertaining read involving Fae and magic on kindle unlimited. 

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  1. Tan

    I’m not into going deep into books and ting eh, but this is a cute and balanced review. Makes me wanna macco the book so it serves its purpose well too.

    1. Mystie

      Thank you!
      But tell me what genre of books you prefer, I might be able to recommend something that will pull you deep into books and ting lol!

  2. Tan

    honestly, right now i’m consuming fluffy, cute, romancey or wholesome type media in general with a sprinkle of the drama and ting

    1. Mystie

      Oh I have some recommendations for you!
      Starting with author Kimberly Lemming, and her series Mead Mishaps. Fluffy black women with attitude and the lovely yummy men who they manhandle. Also very funny, and heartwarming.

      Click Me!

      Then Mandy M. Roth, she does cute romance as well as other stuff, but i think you may like her Grimm Cove series. Older women finding love in this special lil town.

      Click Me too!

      Also try this book:

      And I will stop here because yuh know I do not want to scare you away lol!
      But message me directly if you have any questions or want more recommendations!
      Btw…cozy sweet romance is a WHOLE genre on its own, you can get them modern, paranormal, plus size, people of color, you name it, it exists 😉

      1. Tan

        Thank you very kindly…targets acquired. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

        1. Mystie

          Looking forward to it!

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