My Sister, the Serial Killer

Oyinkan Braithwaite


There is always a story there waiting to be told about them. Sometimes creepy (Flowers in the Attic), other times hilarious and fun (The ‘Marry All the Brothers in Town’ Romance type series).

Then, out of nowhere, we get a book like this one. 

Oyinkan Braithwaite pulled a magic trick on us. In the title, she actually says what the book is all about, and yet, did not spoil it. You go in knowing the premise. It is about sisters, and one is definitely a serial killer. The first chapter even describes a murder and clean up. The trick was, though, even knowing that, the way the story unfolds will shock you. Shock you with laughter, realness, and a window into what it feels like to watch the world celebrate a serial killer. 

The book takes this unusual look into who is a victim versus who is a villain. While capturing that sometimes twisty and dark connection between an older sibling and a younger one. This, along with the funny quips and the sad but ridiculous way we unconsciously elevate people who are physically easy on the eyes, makes this a fun cleansing diversion anyone will enjoy.

If you think about it, being the sister ignored, as you watch your family rave and extol the virtues of your sibling, who you know is a serial killer, could be a petulant mess. Ms. Braithwaite artfully spares us from such dreariness. She instead shares the insight and the truth of sibling comparison, all wrapped up in humor, as a worldly lesson. Readers also get a timely reminder about glittering things not being what you expect as well. 

Did I mention the story was based in modern Nigeria? Because that plays into the storytelling. Giving us side characters and situations, which add to the narrative, flavoring it with yummy drama.

I read this one in 2019, and since then, it has rightfully won the LA Times’ Book Prize for Mystery/Thriller. It appears many have discovered what a gem Ms. Braithwaite has gifted us with.

Side note, it took me less than 24 hours to finish this, with work and responsibilities. I could not leave it alone, but also it is that clever and quick of a read.

Looking forward to seeing what you think of it 😉



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  1. Patrice Parris

    Oh gosh! I have to read this one as well. Uggggh, what is a girl to do. I guess just start with one and finish. Then go to the other. One foot in front of the other. I love the title of this book alone so I am curious to see how it plays out when I read it. Super excited!!!

    1. Mystie

      This one goes quickly. Less than 24 hours for me.
      But start with what you think you would connect the most with first, then try the others 😉

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