The Wizard's Butler

Nathan Lowell

After Iron Flame and The Jasad Heir, back to back, your girl, me, needed a little break. A book that allowed me to breathe again. To sail in some interesting but calm waters. 

No. Cliff. Diving. 

Thankfully, The Wizard’s Butler turned out to be the balm my brain and soul needed. Amazon kept suggesting it and since it was on Kindle Unlimited I tried it. Score one for them.

This book is a palate cleanser specially tailored for those of us who love a touch of fairy in our tales. What caught me with this one is that you go along with the main character, as he discovers that life has a bit more sparkle and twinkle to it than he first imagined. 

Mulligan, (such a proper butler name), the main character, is out of the military, and freshly removed from being an EMT due to an incident. (The incident is revealed and YAY Mulligan!) Financially, things are getting rough and his employment agency sends him on a new job, at a fancy smancy house. It all does seem too good to be true. 

And it is… but it isn’t. 

There are some family issues, and it takes a bit before you get the lay of what is actually taking place. But when you understand, though, the ride starts to get a little petty and quite entertaining. 

It was soothing to read about people choosing to do the right thing as they thwart a ‘K***n’. 

The stakes, while important, are not detrimental. Again, no cliffs here or deeply twisting hidden agendas. There is, however, some magical world building, along with intriguing character development. The author does a worthy job of keeping your attention while still allowing your heartbeat to stay under 100 beats per minute. 

The Wizard’s Butler is a wonderful, fun read. A solid 3.5 out 5. A book you should pick up if you need a soothing story to even you out again or if you want to ease someone into the world of fairies and magic.

Definitely recommend this one, and if you read it, tell me what you think!


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