The Kingpin of Camelot (A Kinda Fairytale #3)

Cassandra Gannon

You need to read this book. Do not fight it. This is a book to hold close and re-read umpteen times. Trust me.

To this day and in this very moment, this book still makes me giggle, blush, and melt. The story made me cackle, shed a few tears, and get pissed at how callous people can be. 

The Kingpin of Camelot is definitely one of my Unicorn Treasures. (Confused? Here is Part 1 and Part 2).

The premise of it and the series it is a part of is the retelling of well-known fairy tales. However, the characters are not as we remember them. A few we thought were good are actually bad and some of the once villains are now beloved book boyfriends.

The Kingpin is Midas. The man cursed with the golden touch. He is the biggest bad guy in all of Camelot. In fact, he runs all of the other bad guys. He can afford anything, do anything, and does exactly that. 

Guinevere Pendragon and her daughter Avalon are the lost bedraggled Queen and Princess of Camelot. They have been through too much pain and heartache, but Guinevere is not a damsel, though she may be in some distress. She is hardcore, knows how to handle herself, and can draw up a perfect contract.

To give a spoiler free tiny summary, our heroine is technically good but almost bad, and 100% smarter than the men around her think she is. Which leads her into the dastardly clutches of the Kingpin!

An actual bad guy with a… heart of gold.

Added to that is a secret sorceress and a protector who cannot feel but who will fight to the death for those in his found family and you have a cast that will steal you away until they get their HEA.

When I say the author takes us on a merry ride, what I actually mean is that the author scoops us up, hurls us into an adventure laden spin while yelling, “Grab something! This is gonna be wild, but F-U-N!”

There is sarcasm, crazy quests, and side characters that, thank goodness, get their own books.

You will laugh out loud.

You will fall in love.

You will be so sad when this book is over.


You will be joyous that you read it.

This is the best kind of romance novel. Funny, swoony, full of wit and charm, and one with a Queen who understands her own worth and the worth of a man who sees you and loves you as you are. She also gives people who care about her heart attacks every now and again, you know, to keep things lively and spicy!

The Kingpin of Camelot won the Romantic Times award for Best Fantasy Romance of the Year, AND it was recommended by author extraordinaire Ilona Andrews.

Read it, it is fun. It reimagines fairy tales in a way that gives you insight into what unfolds when you dig deeper into your favourite heroes and villains.

It can be read as a standalone, but afterwards you will go searching for the other books in this series.

Lucky you! Getting to discover them all for the first time.

Enjoy and Happy reading!

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  1. Asha

    Just what I need with a week off next week. Headed to Amazon to purchase….

    1. Mystie

      Oh yes it is perfect for downtime. Enjoy!

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