The Girl of Fire and Thorns Complete Collection

Rae Carson

This author and series received a glowing review from Tamora Pierce. So I thought, Tamora has written some of my most beloved books, so she probably would read series I would enjoy.

Totally underestimated how right I would be. It took me less than a couple days to finish the entire series (0.5 – 3). And the only reason it took that long, was because being human I needed to eat and sleep and shower, and of course the moments in between when the book was simply too exciting and thrilling, which forced me to put it down breathe, scream, and utter gibberish out loud.

Satisfying and adventurous, we get to witness a young woman come into her own, and become the queen hardly anyone, least of all herself, thought she could be. In the end it is not magic that saves her, but her own strength, her intelligence, and the loyal friends she has made and inspired throughout her journey.

The best part is that I found this series when it was completed so there was no need for me to desperately wait for the upcoming installments.

If you love strong women, adventure, and clever writing with crazy baubles of “WTF” moments, this series is for you.
Clear your schedule though, this one is addictive!

#Update: Apparently there is one more book in this series. It was written in 2020. Yay! One more for the TBR pile!

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