THE AURELIAN CYCLE Book 2: Flamefall

Rosaria Munda

I am an adult.

An actual adult, with a job. Even though I freelance and consult so I can, to an extent, determine my work hours. Nevertheless, I have work hours, and things I need to do in, you know, daylight, when most creatures stir.

What I SHOULD NOT be doing is staying up until 3 am reading a book!

That is irresponsible! Doing that will affect my day and the things I need to accomplish in that day.

The problem was though, on my kindle, I uhm… make it so I cannot see the time, and my phone was face down under a pillow somewhere else on my bed. And in my defense, it felt like no time had passed and I was only going to read until maybe 12:30 am.

But when I checked my phone, it was already 1:20 am, and I was at around 87% (I don’t measure by pages but by percentage of book completed on my kindle) and really HUGE things were happening one right after the other and I thought, I read fast, it couldn’t take me that long to just… you know… almost, kind of… finish.

I checked the time once more, and it said 2 something and I was at 97%. So at 3 am I was done and almost disappointed in myself LOL!

Flamefall is just too damn good! I paid for it the rest of the day, though.

But regrets? I HAVE NONE!

I am still sleep deficient, yes two days later, and I am trying to take a breath before I start book 3.

Let me warn you now, this book ends on a Mount Everest sized cliffhanger. You will be pelted off and screaming, scrambling for air and in total disbelief that the author, bless her, just rough your life up like that.

Now, if you have not read Fireborne, stop reading right now and go read it. Do not read any further. Don’t do it!

I warned you.

Okay, so remember how Lee found out he was not technically an orphan, and he had to do that thing. Well, in Flamefall, we get introduced to a new POV, Griff who lives in the same hidden place as Lee’s relatives. There are dragons, but the migrated dragonlords were small in number and they had to get ‘lowborns’ to add to their dragon army. Now, we get into this side of the post revolution, the politics, the nastiness, and the consequences felt when people use might and power to make the world bend to them.

There are multiple plot-lines lining up here and leading to that cliffhanger ending. Friendships that were solid are changed forever. We even have an unseen frenemy swing that strengthens the story in a way that maybe keeps you up at night into early morning. Ahem.

Nobody is okay, and then it gets worse…so much worse. And we end up with a rebellion of the revolution. I think I may be saying too much, but the internal struggle that each character, even the ones whose POV we are not directly reading, is exactly the kind of literature we need right now.

What is right, what is wrong, what do you believe in, and how far will you go to hold up those ideals? Are they even ideals any more?

I wish we could get politicians or future politicians to read these books. They make you grapple with the good kind of questions, those that push you to truly think of the whole of society, not just one section.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there is also romance, dragon drama, and some dizzying fights, it is still a high action adventure, but it is one that makes you think, and shifts your internal focus and point of view of life.

And then it kicks you off the cliff in the last few pages.

You will be KICKED to the square center of your back, and no, even with this warning, you will not see it coming. :D!

When I am done with Book 3… hmmm, I don’t even want to imagine how I will be.

Oye… vey, we shall see!

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