The HalfBlood Rebels Book 1: HalfBlood Betrayed

Selene Kallan

A romantic action filled balm for the soul!

Loved this book!

At its core it is an enemies to lovers story with a twist. They start off as enemies, fighting, at each other’s throats, but then, one of them loses her memory.

The book starts after the main character has lost her memory and she is in desperate need of a safe space to hide and recover. She heads STRAIGHT to her enemy’s house, since her subconscious mind knows that is where she will find sanctuary.

So imagine the drama, the unfolding story line, when your enemy shows up at your door half dead and looking to you for aid. And she cannot remember she hates you.
Oh I LOVED it!

The author does an amazing job of going between the two main characters, telling their side of the story and building a beautiful romance. For once we have people being honest and not the aggravating trope of lies being stumbling blocks, instead there is communication and growing trust, all dipped in ‘follow your gut to be okay’.
This is a world I will need to travel back to and visit, as there are quite a few people who I NEED to know more about. Hopefully even more wonderful stories will be written in it soon.

The book is not the first I have read by this talented author, but I have to say, it truly is my favorite so far. Read this one and prepare to enjoy it!

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