The Cursed and The Fallen Book 1: Demon Warden

Selene Kallan

Found Family, Grumpy Hot Guy, and a Heroine who finds her POWER!

This author knows how to pack emotion and action into words that sink into your soul. I really enjoyed this book, and it will definitely keep me coming back for other books by this author.

The story starts with a computer programmer who is very unsure about herself and her place in this world. Turns out that is on purpose, but it takes a hard heart blow and some chicken soup to start to unravel the mystery.
From there it just goes up.

The world created filled with demons and asteri (also vampires, lycans, pixies, elven royalty, and all else in between) is layered with side characters who snag your interest just as much as the main characters do. I really hope they get their own stories, because I want to see more of this world and find out how they ended up where they are.
I mean the secret ***pi*** alone clearly has to have an origin story!

But the book is well paced, and gives you those emotional wins to ease the hits and keeps those pages turning. This is another book where I had to tell myself…”You need the job to pay for the books!” It was that enjoyable.
Looking forward to reading more of this series!

For more on this author, please click here 🙂 (Btw I was so RIGHT about her books!)

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