The Wolf Queen: The Hope of Aferi (Book I)

Cerece Rennie Murphy

Instinctively a wonderful voice inside my head told me to not start Book 1 until I had Book 2 in hand. Thankfully it was not a long wait for me and it was the BEST decision ever. Not only will this book steal you away, and make you forget everything else going on, but it gives you an ending that will leave you instantly craving more!
I finished this in a day around my job, it was just that good.

It is a beautiful coming of age story, with a new world filled with strong characters that create a place made to keep your imagination swirling in happiness. The world building is incredible, and you meet a young woman who is already stronger than she knows, but who also has this secret life hidden away waiting for the right time to just come out.

The backstories also give you just enough context to make you keep wondering and reading, all into the night. Strong female characters, surrounded by men who support without stifling them, and a villain who keeps things interesting.
I have no regrets reading this one, other than I wish I could go back in time and give it to a younger me.
Very much recommend this one and trust me…get book 2 the same time you get book 1.

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