Fourth Wing (The Empyrean Book #1)

Rebecca Yarros

Now, I am not someone who checks the NYT best selling list, or who depends on social media people to tell me what book is good, what to read next, and what author is the latest ‘hot number’.
Instead, I get recommendations from friends and I stalk people on Goodreads (their read list of books that are at least 3 stars and above) who have similar taste to mine. You know the regular way to find books :D!

But sometimes, one of those books that tops every list and that is currently burning the fingers of influencers everywhere slips through and lands on my kindle.

And boy was this one worth every single drop of HYPE that came with it.

At this point, look at the cover image and read the small tiny line above Fourth. It says, “Fly…or Die.” You may be thinking this is a fantasy, the author is well known for her romance books, that is just more hype.
I am here to tell you it is not!

I wish I could say don’t get attached to anyone because…that die part is real. The thing is though, this author is skilled. From line one, you get invested. Trudging up those stairs with Violet, the main character, carrying too many books and off to see her mother, who is one of the baddest Generals in that world’s army.

You seeing that? Violet has too many books she cannot live without, while her Mother flies dragons and kills people, with the kind of finesse and ferocity that earned her the title of General. You understanding the difference there right? Good.
So, Violet has an older sister and brother, both of whom flew dragons and followed in their Mother’s footsteps, while Violet and her Father lived in the Library.
Violet fully thought she was going to grow up and work and live in the Library, doing good things, like recording history, reading books, and curating knowledge.

General Mommy, decided…..nahhhhhhh!!!!
Moms say you are of me, and nobody of me, is going into Library work. You are going to fly dragons. Remember that ‘Fly or Die’ thing, well, yeah, it is very real.
And the book starts with Violet’s big sister flying in on her dragon from where she is supposed to be guarding the border (which has been under attack) to yell at her Mother for basically sending her baby sister to die.

All of what I just described is maybe the first 3 pages of this book.





I say all of that to say….this book still haunts me. It ripped something out of me and stole it. It looks like it will not be returning that missing piece of me at all. I mean, book 2 comes out on November 7th, BUT since reading it, all I have been doing is searching for other books to ease the void not reading this book has caused.

It is an adventure.

The dragons are sentient and full of magic and secrets. They also facilitate the dying part of that statement on the book cover.

Fourth Wing felt like the breath of feral fresh air 2023 needed to remind us why we need talented people to keep writing.
So I mean, you could read it… if this sort of wildness is up your alley. I for sure have absolutely no regrets and my mental countdown for book 2 cannot tick down fast enough.

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  1. Lauraine

    This story is really compelling and the author’s writing style is clear, concise, and well-considered. I read it three times while waiting for book 2.

    1. Mystie

      Yes. Intense but engulfing. Just as a great book should be!

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