Being a teenager during Carnival can leave you feeling a bit out of place. You are too old to fit in with children, and still too young for everything strictly 18 years and over.

Knowing this and having been teenagers, not so long ago themselves lol, the BHW team understands how teens feel and have made it their business to host an event tailor made just for them. After all, we did promise a festival that had something enjoyable for every single person.

That said, this Bermuda Heroes Weekend we have one important question for everyone between the ages of 13 and 17. Are YOU ready to GLOW?

The answer better be a resounding YES, because on Saturday June 9th, BHW Ltd. is hosting Escape Bermuda: Glow Edition, specifically for teens!

This will be a vibrant J’Ouvert party, which as the name implies, was created to give teens a fun getaway. On this night boredom will not exist and that misfit feeling is guaranteed to disappear! Via one short boat ride to White’s Island, you will be whisked away to have an exclusive celebration, with no parents and total freedom, to enthusiastically splash yourselves and your friends with paint in true J’Ouvert style.
Can’t you already see this extraordinarily good time in your mind’s eye? Teens will be close enough to home that parents won’t worry, but far enough away that they can be carefree and let their inner roaring wild energy fly free.

BHW will be keeping the entertainment lively with Local DJs who will provide the musical juice to keep the party pumping from 7PM until 12AM, under the starry night as the youngsters celebrate the sheer happiness of being young.

And parents please rest assured, as with every single BHW Ltd. event, security and patron safety is a top priority for our team. Your precious children will have an exciting time, in a guarded location that is alcohol free. The intent is to give them a chance to enjoy the festivities among their friends within a safe environment. We promise you this, and we are a team that keeps its promises.

Time to make those calls, get your friends together, and get organized as soon as possible, because tickets are ALREADY ON SALE! Boats leave from Albouy’s Point in Hamilton, and will be sailing regularly to get all patrons safely to this fantastic venue.Wear comfy clothes that can take the PAINT and be prepared for a brilliant J’Ouvert experience. The BHW Ltd. team cannot wait to show teenagers exactly why this is everyone’s favourite time of year.

Don’t Miss This Chance to GLOW!