Do You Have The Right Physique?

We are not even going to attempt to be fair. This riddim, our first for 2018 is plain old discrimination. Only those with the right “Physique” will be able to handle what we are about to slam the airwaves with.

To choose those worthy, Precision Productions will administer a simple three-part test. It begins with a demonstration of your skill level in “Wining School”, overcome that and then we shall evaluate your “Rough Wine”. Finally if you are still standing, every square inch of “Your Body” will be rhythmically consumed.

Those who think they have the right stamina should step forward. Preedy, Machel Montano, along with our newest Soca recruit Samantha J are prepped to strain those gyrating muscles, and unveil exactly what you are made of.

Akeem “Preedy” Chance and the industrious WeMAD team take the lead with “Wining School”. Sweet words woven amidst a yearning vocal plea will disarm curvy female structures in particular, propelling them to serve up their most imaginative lessons ever.
At his directive millions across the globe get in formation and move in unison. Machel Montano is out the gate this year using his relentless energy to challenge the hardiest wining warriors to showcase their “Rough Wine”. The Monk mischievously issues this irresistible summons penned by Jus D Music, who also lyrically fueled Samantha J’s debut into the realm of Soca.

Born in Jamaica, she has recorded alongside musical powerhouses such as, R.City, Redone, JR. Rotem, and Supa Dups, whose resumes include artists like, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Drake. Samantha, the lone female on this riddim, makes a bold start in this genre demanding you surrender “Your Body” in order to quench the burning desires this season mercilessly stirs.

Remember with our team Carnival is a full-body contact experience. Do not press play unless you are physically prepared for this onslaught; because Precision will not be held liable for what comes next.