You just Unlocked a Secret Section of True Mystie Facts!

  • Mystie is not my legal first name.
  • Thongs, however, is my legal surname.
  • I once wrote a philosophical paper on the Matrix, discussing how Neo’s role accurately represented the role of the engineer in our society today.
  • I actually think using a wheelchair has made me a better person.
  • When TnT made it to the world cup in 2006 I went to class for a week with my face painted in red white and black with a TnT backpack as well as red white and black clothing :D!
  • My favourite drink in the world is apple juice mixed with ginger ale.
  • Writing is my form of therapy, and all the really good stuff gets hand written into my purple butterfly diary.
  • I believe all of life’s most important lessons can be learned on the football field.
  • At times I write things that I wish I could take back (this might be one of them lol).
  • I tend to not get upset or mad, instead I get very very very clever and creative 😉